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Lists of Enrolled Healthcare Service Providers

Link to the eHealth System (Subsidies) to browse Lists of Enrolled Healthcare Service Providers
eHealth System (Subsidies)

Voucher Balance Enquiry

Elderly persons who already have their voucher accounts created can check their voucher balance, the amount of vouchers that can be used for optometry services, the amount of vouchers to be deposited in their accounts on 1 January of the coming year and the amount of vouchers expected to be forfeited on that day due to the accumulation limit being exceeded through the following means -

1. click the following icon to reach the Vouchers Balance Enquiry page of the 'eHealth System (Subsidies)'

eHealth System (Subsidies)

2. call the voucher balance enquiry hotline 2838 0511 (Interactive Voice Response System) ; or

3. use eHealth App (applicable to elderly persons who have already registered with eHealth).

For elderly persons who have yet to create voucher accounts, please click here for the procedures for creating voucher account and using vouchers.

Forms related to Voucher Accounts

Form on Change of Particulars in eHealth (Subsidies) Account

Consent of Sharing Health Care Vouchers between Voucher Recipients in Spousal Relationship

Notification for withdrawal from pairing up eHealth (Subsidies) Accounts (i.e., Un-pairing of eHealth (Subsidies) Accounts)

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