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Create Account and Use Vouchers

Vouchers are issued and used electronically through the eHealth System (Subsidies). They will not be issued in paper form separately. Elderly persons are not required to pre-register or collect the vouchers. Enrolled healthcare service provider will create a personal voucher account for an eligible elderly person who is using vouchers for the first time.


Search for Enrolled Healthcare Service Providers, Check Voucher Balance and Understand the Service and Charging Items

Browse the List of Enrolled Healthcare Service Providers or obtain the list by fax through Scheme Hotline 2838 2311. The Scheme logo is displayed at the clinics or service points of enrolled healthcare service providers for easy identification.

Check voucher balance here, through voucher balance enquiry hotline 2838 0511 or eHealth App (applicable to elderly persons who have already registered with eHealth) if elderly persons already have their voucher accounts.

Ask the enrolled healthcare service provider about the service and charging items beforehand. Using vouchers or not should not affect the service fees charged.

Receive Healthcare Services in Person

Vouchers can only be used by the eligible elderly person and cannot be transferred to or shared with another person.



Present a Valid Hong Kong Identity Card

Show a valid Hong Kong Identity Card or Certificate of Exemption to the enrolled healthcare service provider and indicate the wish to use vouchers. Please note that an elderly person is not allowed to use vouchers if he/she cannot present a valid identity document as mentioned above.

If an elderly person is using vouchers for the first time, the healthcare service provider will create a personal voucher account for the elderly person free of charge. Based on the year in which the elderly person becomes eligible to use vouchers, the relevant voucher amount will be deposited in his/her account.

Sign the Consent Form Indicating the Voucher Amount to be Used

Check the information on the 'Consent of Voucher Recipient to Use Vouchers' before signing, and provide contact phone number on it.



Keep Notice on Use of Health Care Voucher

The enrolled healthcare service provider will submit a claim for the elderly person and give him/her a 'Notice on Use of Health Care Voucher'.

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