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Making Voucher Claims

Verify the Identity of the Elderly Person

Verify the elderly person’s identity by checking against the particulars on his/her Hong Kong Identity Card or Certificate of Exemption and ensure that he/she is the one holding the identity document.

Login to eHealth System (Subsidies)

Enrolled healthcare service provider can click the following icon to login the eHealth System (Subsidies).

eHealth System (Subsidies)

To access the user manual, please click the following link.

User Manual

Besides, you can make claims through Interactive Voice Responses System (Telephone number:2838 5700).

Search and Retrieve the Elderly Person's eHealth (Subsidies) Account

Retrieve the account record (Choose the Hong Kong Identity Card Symbol of the elderly person according to the symbol on his/her Hong Kong Identity Card, then either
(i) input the Hong Kong Identity Card number and date of birth of the elderly person; or
(ii) request the elderly person to insert Hong Kong Identity Card into the Smart ID Card reader) .

Creating eHealth (Subsidies) Account for Elderly Person
(Only for the eligible elderly person who is using vouchers for the first time)

  1. Explain to the elderly person the purpose of collecting data, and obtain consent to create account.
  2. Input the required data of the elderly person.
  3. Declare through the relevant system screen that the necessary consent has been obtained.
  4. Temporary eHealth (Subsidies) Account is created.

Claiming Vouchers

  1. Confirm with the elderly person the voucher amount to be used.
  2. Input required information (service date, voucher amount to be claimed, net service fee charged and reason for visit, etc.).
  3. Ask the elderly person to sign the consent form and give the “Notice on Use of Health Care Voucher” to the elderly person for retention.
  4. Check the information inputted and submit the claim through the system.
  5. Record the transaction number on the signed consent form.
  6. Keep original copy of the signed consent form for future inspection.

Enrolled healthcare service providers can access the eHealth System (Subsidies) by different means, such as computers, personal digital assistants, mobile phones, fixed-line telephones. (Owing to technical constraints, phones without the function to access the internet can only be used for lodging a claim for using health care vouchers for voucher recipients who already have eHealth (Subsidies) Accounts created.)

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